In a better world, where bullshit gets checked:





“Ok, so you thought the boy made a bomb.”


“And instead of evacuating the school, you pulled him out of class,
arrested in front of everyone, then interrogated him, on the premises
without getting the children to safety?  So, we’re going to put you up
for criminal endangerment of this entire school”

“Well, uh, maybe we didn’t really think it was a bomb”

“Oh, ok, so instead you lied to police and federal authorities in order
to bring up false charges against a minor for… kicks? I mean, you’re
basically picking between which charges you’d like to go up on here.  
Let me know, so we can get the paperwork right.”

_ Thank you! When I first read about it, I was so confused about her ‘taking what she suspected was a bomb FROM him’. Like, what if she accidentally set it off? And then they waited until 6th period? And no one asked the engineering teacher anything, who’d seen it first? And the cops questioned him WITHOUT HIS PARENTS or GUARDIAN present? On premises? 

And the principal was trying to force him to confess and sign something?

And the cops LET the principal NEAR HIM?

I don’t know if he and his family are likely to do it. But that teacher, that principal, that school, that school system should all as a whole be sued. They had him paraded through school in handcuffs, over a clock.

Like, how those cops rolled up into that school WITHOUT a bomb sniffing dog, and that little bowl thing they use to intentionally set off devices – y’know, the one the BOMB SQUAD uses?

So when they paraded him, after pulling him out of class – shouldn’t all of that been done already?

So what were they really trying to do to this young brown boy, when they KNEW it wasn’t a bomb; cause no dog, no squad, no evacuation, no calling his parents, no nothing but shaming and bullying and SENDING HIM TO JUVIE. GETTING HIM FINGERPRINTED.

That boy’s in the system now. And is THAT what they wanted?

Based on Glenn Greenwald’s reporting? Yes:

The mayor of Irving, Beth Van Duyne, became a beloved national hero to America’s anti-Muslim fanatics when, last February, she seized on a fraudulent online chain letter, which claimed that area imams had created a special court based on sharia law. In response, Mayor Van Duyne posted a Facebook rant in which she vowed to “fight with every fiber of my being” the nonexistent “sharia court.” One anti-Muslim website gushed that Irving “is being called ‘ground zero’ in the battle to prevent Islamic law from gaining a foothold, no matter how small, in the U.S. legal system” and hailed her as “the mayor who stood up to the Muslim Brotherhood.”

That led to support for a bill introduced in the Texas State Legislature banning the use of foreign law, which its sponsor made clear was targeted at least in part at these “sharia courts.” The Irving City Council went out of its way to enact a resolution supporting the state bill. It was enacted in June. One of the City Council members who opposed the bill — William “Bill” Mahone, who “denounced the vote and urged Irving to ’embrace the Muslims’” — then lost his seat in the city election “by a wide margin.” I’ve spoken to Muslim groups in Irving and there is a small but thriving community there, which in turn has produced intense anti-Muslim animus.

I mean, consider that. That town has a rabidly, virulently Islamophobic mayor, and the one City Council member who spoke out against the bill that the Islamophobic mayor introduced lost the election by a wide margin. This was spectacle, meant to be spectacle, the ultimate in what Schneier calls “security theatre”, and the school principal was in on the game, as were the police, and the entire tow. And like it or not, it passes a message to everyone about who deserves humanity in that town.

_ What does it mean now. Did their plan backfire? Will the police and principal and teacher be held liable? I’d like that, but it doesn’t seem at all probable. And given the positive attention he’s got instead; I wonder if he can get his prints wiped. Cause the charges might be dropped, but he’s IN the system now.

And I think he should walk away from this completely clean, AND with new opportunities. Cause that might be all those agreeing the whole thing was reprehensible might ever get; all HE might get. They sure won’t apologise.