The Wit of the Common Starfish (1/?)



Title: The Wit of the Common Starfish
PG13 I think
Thunderbirds/Thunderbirds Are Go
People being jerks about mental illnesses. People being jerks about political/equality issues. Looots of people being jerks. Er, swearing?
This is my favourite kind of fanfic to write – the mixed-media. It’ll probably run for two or three parts, and the title will make sense later. All names in this that you don’t recognise were grabbed from random writers/directors of the original series. Sorry to those who got their names given to complete arseholes.

Anyway! This is best described as ‘a look at how IR might function in the real world’ except obviously it’s not quite the real world because it’s several decades in the future and also after a war. I also hope it’s not Dark And Gritty, but rather Pointed And Vaguely Satirical.

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Have you written anything more for this? If so, can you provide links?

I was gonna! Then I just kinda…forgot, cos I had a lot of work on and the Thunderbirds fandom was lying dormant until the new series.

But I really should finish it! And change the title too, because I hate it now…