there’s a post that’s like “its amazing how much you can get done if you just sit down and focus” with a second comment thats like “imagine being nt” and it has like thousands of notes but the op has adhd and was talking about how their meds were working really well
there’s another post that’s like “how do you block gay men on okcupid” or something with a reply like “have you tried christianmingle” and it has thousands of notes but the op was a trans girl who wanted to avoid chasers
there’s another post that’s like “date a quiet boy who will bring you a glass of water in the middle of the night” with a reply making fun of her “low standards” that has thousands of notes but the op was a teenage girl who was in an abusive relationship at the time that she made that post (and the reply was made by a grown man who had to apparently had to dig through months of this girl’s posts to find that one post & make fun of her for it so: yuck)
point is, can we please stop making these assumptions about total strangers on this site, harassing them over innocuous posts theyve made that have been misinterpreted by literal hordes of random people and unless somebodys being outright hateful and disrespectful can we leave each other alone and mind our own business lmao