Ten Teasers for The Magician’s Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar [MILD SPOILERS]



1) It’s implied Clara has kissed a famous author
2) We hear the voices of lots of Doctors from archive footage
3) We find out why Daleks say “exterminate” and how the cases work
4) “Dudes!”
5) Missy’s entrance is brilliant but does recycle a gag from her previous appearance
6) ‘Sewer’ means something else in the Daleks’ language
7) Chairs
8) There’s a meta joke about the Master always escaping
9) “Mercy?”
10) An arc is started

From Cult Box’s spoiler-free preview:

In this episode alone, we learn that Jane Austen was a great kisser

*crosses fingers for Clara to just casually mention she’s bisexual*

And the fact that it’s a famous lady author just makes it all the better! Clara getting her book nerd on!