I just love how cyclical the narrative of Mad Max is, and the way the same things will happen over again, but with vastly different meanings applied to them.

  • Furiosa and the wives leave the Citadel and end up back at the Citadel.
  • Max starts out as a blood bag and ends as a blood bag.
  • Nux starts out willing to die for someone he worships and ends it ready to die for someone he loves.
  • Cheedo starts out ready to run back to Joe, and her character arc ends with her running back to Joe
  • Furiosa begins the movie seeking the Green Place for her own sake and ends it seeking it for the sake of the people she loves
  • The Wretched are given water by Immortan Joe at the start and given water by the Milking Mothers at the end.
  • The Wretched cry out to their dictator at the start and end it crying out to their liberators.
  • The circle is a recurring motif, one strongly connected to the wives – e.g.
    the round vault door, the round water feature in their room, Dag tracing
    the circles on Immortan Joe’s symbol with her hands.
  • And of course, the first and last thing we hear Max say is ‘My name is Max.’

Round and around in circles it goes, like a wheel or Joe’s brand or the cycle of life itself.

Round like the sun in the sky… Or the satellites circling the earth…