250,000 bouncy balls down San Francisco streets.

The Chaos.

I want to know how much damage this cost

Mate I love this advert so much; seeing it as a kid like inspired my aesthetic for colourful things and flying. But really, knowing about it is awesome. No CGI, no animation, just 250,000 bouncy balls being shot from a cannon down a hill at 60mph. The camera crew needed body armour and they let everyone afterwards just pick up all the balls they could carry and take them (local kids who came out to watch were actively given all the bouncy balls they wanted).

But just going from here, they forked out a little for cars that were hit (out of shot, all the cars you see are props) and 6 houses were damaged, although they reimbursed whatever they broke. The only lasting effect were the balls themselves, with over 1,000 lost to the city for people to find.

no but can you imagine ordering those things

advert guy: yes hello I’d like to order your bouncy balls

person on the phone: sure how many do you want

advert guy: all of them

phone guy: wut