vaccinate your fucking kids. 

my mother, whilst pregnant, was exposed to unvaccinated kids who had measles. She got the virus, but my brother (26 weeks of gestation) was affected by the virus. 

he has a degenerative neurological disorder called neuronal migration. My brother has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and autism. He’s in a wheelchair. We communicate via sign language. he has fits. My brother, at 17, may catch a cold that’ll kill him. he’s nearly died twice because of pneumonia. He had a seizure last year, fell out of bed, and fractured his collarbone. 

At the age of fourteen, I and my father had panic attacks when my brother had a seizure. His heart stopped. I, at fourteen, had to act the parent because my father was catatonic with grief because he thought he was losing his son. 

vaccinate your fucking kids you selfish bastards. 

you have no idea


about the pain my parents suffer because my poor brother is so ill. 

Vaccinate your children or so help you. 

may i add onto this? because i’ve had a similar experience.

my dad has leukemia, which is a form of cancer that affects the blood. he’s on medications for it and is in remission, but between the disease and the chemotherapy he’s left severely immuno-suppressed.

my dad is hospitalized at least once a year just from basic stuff like the common cold. i’m afraid to even go near him when i’m sick because i’m afraid he’ll catch whatever i have. if he caught the flu or measles from an unvaccinated kid, he could very likely die

vaccinate. your. goddamn. kids.

Unless your kids are allergic to vaccines, YOU MUST VACCINATE YOUR KIDS.

There is simply NO REASON (other than the aforementioned allergy) to not vaccinate. Vaccination DOES NOT cause autism, that false research HAS BEEN DEBUNKED MANY TIMES OVER.

If you do not vaccinate your kids, you’re being cruel NOT JUST to your kids, but also to others.


Seriously. Please, unless your kid has been diagnosed with some kind of disease that inhibits them from receiving vaccinations without a threat to their life, vaccinate them. The fact that there are actually kids out there who DO HAVE DISEASES THAT INHIBIT THEM FROM RECEIVING VACCINES should be enough reason for you to want to keep your child up-to-date on vaccines. Not only are you saving your child from catching a potentially horrible illness, but you are saving children who can’t get these vaccines without a threat to their lives.

sorry to add onto this, but my mom gets a monthly infusion of medication to help control the symptoms of her lupus. her lupus exists because her immune system is hyperactive (she had crohn’s disease for years until it went into remission a couple years ago). the medication suppresses her hyperactive immune system so she cant easily fight off stuff if she were to get sick.

please dont put my mother in the hospital or f*cking kill her because youre too selfish to vaccinate your kids. i cant live without her.