if you ever feel bad about your body remember that Wonder Woman has cellulite too

Love this for so many reasons! There is so much body positive messaging. First Wonder Woman adopts a culturally appropriate variation of her costume for the people she works with. Then there is the whole aspect of her cellulite. Superheroes typically have idealized bodies and even in this specific comic Wonder Woman does have petite figure. But she accepts the imperfections in her body. In fact the issue with people taking pictures of her cellulite is not that cellulite is embarrassing but the sad fact that people want to talk about cellulite more than they want to talk about real issues. This is completely relatable to our own culture. How many world issues were ignored in order to talk about the “fappening” or any other time naked pictures have been stolen. While yes it is encouraging that Wonder Woman also has cellulite, but perhaps the more important lesson she has to teach here is that the importance of the presence or absence of cellulite pales in comparison to so many other issues. Perhaps we should devote our time and mental energies to fighting poverty, homelessness, or the continued objectification of the female form. 

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman 020, folks.