I love everything about this photoset

The lack of condescension in cultural sharing

The nonsexualization

The contextual foreignness of firm breasts in a society that doesn’t use bras

This is funny and charming

By far one of my favorite posts.

I love that across cultures, every woman grabs their boobs.

My friend is an army wife and spent some time with her husband on his Pacific posting. One day the locals invited the families from the British base for a big get-together. It was going really well but after a few hours the British women noticed that a lot of the local babies were crying, so my friend asked one of the mothers if there was something wrong, like a bug going round or something. The mother replied,

“Oh no, they’re just very hungry.”

So my friend asked, “Why don’t you feed them?”

And the mother said, “We will when you’ve gone. We use our breasts to feed them and we don’t want to embarrass you.”

And my shocked friend said, “But we do that too!”

So all the British mothers who had babies sat down and whipped out their boobs to feed them (whether they were hungry or not) and the relieved local mothers then did the same.

Two things:

– because western ladies usually cover their boobs the local ladies weren’t sure whether western women use boobs for what they’re supposed to be for

– women everywhere are considerate of other women

I also really love this photo set because, far too often, we only see pictures of African women as anthropological archetypes. They are treated like exhibits to be studied, similar to exotic animals or landscapes, rather than human beings.
I LOVE these pictures, because here we have women of two different cultures laughing and talking and playing around. You can see their personalities shining through and I LOVE IT