Does anyone remember this post?

Hey. You know who did like the Star Wars prequels?

Teenage girls.

I can tell you this because I was one of those teenage
girls. For quite a long portion of my adolescence I lived, breathed and
loved Star Wars, and it wasn’t always an easy experience. It was a very
male-dominated fandom, probably still is, but we carved out spaces of
our own…..

Well, Star Wars is in the media even more now and I want in! So I’m going to be rewriting that (badly written) original post for Newshub – a whole article about teenage girls and their participation in Star Wars Prequel fandom. Y’know, something to counteract the constant “Male Comedian Absent From TV As Of Late Denounces Star Wars Prequels” articles that’re everywhere.

But I need participation! Like there was on the original post. I want your stories, teenage and ex-teenage girls of the Tumblr Star Wars fandom. Tell me how you bought the sticker albums and t-shirts, tell me about your first cosplay, tell me what it was like navigating back in those days. (Actually, I know that one. But tell me anyway.) Tell me if you ever found any merchandise aimed at you. Definitely tell me about the fanfiction community at the time, I was there, but I still missed a lot. If you didn’t like the prequels but still have a good story about being female in the Star Wars fandom, tell me that story too! 

(Oh, and also tell me what name and URL you want to be used/linked to – I figure most people will want their Tumblr URLS, but let me know.)

As you may have guessed I can offer zero money to anyone, but I can offer a fun platform for people to talk about Star Wars. So there’s that. I can’t promise I’ll use all stories/quotes either, but I’ll try!

I’ve tagged some blogs/people I follow whom I suspect might be interested, but if you’re not you’re under no obligation to do anything, not even reblog! Don’t worry!

Okay! Thanks for reading, and you can contact me via my askbox too if you like.

I’ve had some great responses so far but this is still ongoing! :)

I’m hoping to get this started today! Anything you got that you don’t mind being published, I’m happy to hear it! Even if it’s just a few lines.

ALSO and I just realised what a big ask this is, if anyone has pictures of them doing SW cosplay/other fandomy stuff and doesn’t mind them being used to illustrate an article, I would LOVE to use them (with credit of course)

Hopefully, I should have a little bit of the article in a Google Doc for people to look at by the end of today!

In the meantime, still definitely accepting pictures/stories!