so you understand what a pain it can be to be on gallifrey base just for the spoilers and speculation – this specimen of a post (screencapped as a proof it’s actually real since i’m still having believing that myself) lead to the locking of the stellar thread “should the next doctor be black?” which is just an example of the broad and immensely ridiculous ongoing discussion of “should the next doctor not be a white man” on this wonderful forum

I…what…how do people like this exist?

Not surprised. I quit that forum after a male poster went on a rant about how if he buys a woman a drink at a bar she owes him sex and any woman who accepts a drink without the intention of sleeping with the guy is a slut, I told him to grow up and got a warning from the (male) mods about being polite or whatever the fuck and I nope’d outa that place sharpish after that. Gallifrey base is the worst tbh.

This is the site where male posters constantly get enraged over the idea of a female Doctor, yet take every opportunity they can to make a remark about wanting to see the female companion’s underwear. It’s really disgusting.

You should try going in the ‘Crater’ current events/debate section.