Shots fired

ok but there were literally white cis gay and bi men at stonewall?

why are y’all insisting on erasing gay and bi men from their own history some of y’all are blatantly fucking homophobic but dw you put white in front of it as if that makes it any better.

This tweet goes way too far. I am 100% behind calling out black and trans erasure in our movement (and in general). Erasing the very people that started this is disgusting and abhorrent. The people who contribute to this erasure need to be pointed out and criticized. They need to know that we won’t stand for taking people out of our history.

But white cis men participated in the riots, too. They were also getting attacked and killed. They were victims of violence and hate and they fought along side Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, and Storme DeLarverie. I find it awful that anyone would compare victims of homophobia and transphobia with their aggressors.  

Here arefew firsthand accounts of Stonewall participants, here and here is Sylvia Rivera describing the demographics of the Stonewall, here is a documentary on Marsha P Johnson, and here is a quick reminder that condoning erasure and revisionist history is damaging. It doesn’t matter if you think cis gay men are so privileged and homonormative they might as well be straight (and that’s another post’s worth of issues right there). Yes, they are afforded many privileges that LGBT POC are not, but this doesn’t negate their presence at Stonewall.

They weren’t the saviors the Stonewall film

seems to be saying they are, and the erasure and whitewashing being perpetuated by the movie is dishonest and harmful, but claiming they had no place there isn’t accurate either. 

this is what happens when the need to score points outstrips the need to elevate the marginalized