“But you can’t make characters diverse for the sake of just diversi-“


NO. Stop saying that. That is an unbelievably wrong thing to think.

In the real, actual world we live in, human beings are random, unpredictable grab-bags of characteristics. Any given person, with any given personality, interests or aspirations, could also just happen to be a black lesbian or a nonbinary asexual Korean or a white bisexual trans man, all just incidental to everything else about them. They might want to be explorers or doctors or inventors or politicians, you never know. There’s no particular way they talk or think or dress or act.

That is how the actual, real human species works, everywhere, always, and that is why fiction should be reflecting that a fuckton more often than it currently does. Diversity just is. It is actually present in reality “for its own sake” and there doesn’t need to be any further “justification” for it in fiction.

No matter how many times I’ve heard doomsaying about the evils of “shoehorned” or “forced” diversity I have never once actually seen that hurting anything. Nobody has ever been able to name for me a series, a movie, a book or a game where the mere presence of poc, women or LGBTA characters in themselves actually made the experience worse. You’re totally welcome to try, but I’ve asked before, and still never been given any titles to look into and review. I’d LOVE to see this “bad tokenism” in action and analyze its ups and downs, I mean, I keep hearing about it, so where the hell is it? What does it look like? I don’t know. It’s almost as if it’s an empty, meaningless complaint concocted by racists or something.