Majorly Minor Characters Week



This seems like a good time to formally announce 

Majorly Minor Characters Week! 

When: May 24-May 30!

What: a week dedicated to fanwork about EXTREMELY MINOR CHARACTERS from any and every official (i.e. not unpaid fanwork) adaptation of Les Mis!

Who??: Basically any character EXCEPT:

Bishop Myriel, Valjean, Fantine,Tholomyes,  Cosette, The Thenardiers and their named children, Javert, Marius,the main nine members of Les Amis, and the four main members of Patron Minette!

ANYONE ELSE IS FAIR GAME. If they had a line in the book, a second of screen time, a moment onstage, they’re fair game for this week! You want to write about Magloire? The Gorbeau House landlady? The guys off in the corner of the Back Room of the Musain writing a play? Anceau the lime merchant? GREAT!

Have a headcanon about the Handsome Soldier, the Lovely Ladies, the Loudhailer Guy, the Old Man with the Carrots? Have a theory about how Shoujo Cosette’s Chou Chou got his apparent magic powers? Want to explain who the heck Absalom and Donatien are? GO FOR IT.  

You can even have the more prominent characters as bit characters in their stories; just remember to keep the focus on the minor characters!

HOW: to participate, just create any sort of fanwork about the minor characters, and post it to Tumblr with the tag “MajorlyMinorCharacters” ! Art, fic, headcanons, playlists, photosets– whatever you like!  And track that tag, if it seems like sort of thing you might be interested in!

I’ll post up reminders as the month goes on; feel free to message me with any questions!