the whole “i hate kids” culture is getting so old like i understand you don’t want kids and that is your decision and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, put people are so fucking bitter towards kids and it’s like ???????????? did you forget you were a kid once and that you were equally as “annoying” or did u just transition into bitter old ppl straight from birth? that phrase and this whole culture comes off as emotionally abusive and it’s impressionable on young children growing up and leads them to be so vulnerable and doubt their place in society. i just-PROTECT KIDS. PROTECT THEIR SELF- WORTH. PROTECT THEIR IMPORTANCE. THEY ARE SWEET AND VULNERABLE AND DESERVE LOVE. 

I remember –

– mid-noughties Livejournal was so bad for this it was unbelievable. It wasn’t at all unusual for me to be merrily scrolling through my friendlist and come across unbelievably violent and cruel statements about children, a group which, at fifteen, I was technically a part of.

My ‘favourites’ were the one where someone expressed delight at how many mothers and children would die in Hurricane Katrina (’it means less pregnant women and babeez to deal with in the long run :)’ ), the one where someone observed a car bumper sticker supporting Downs Syndrome children and felt the need to inform everybody that such stickers did not make either mother or child ‘special’ because ‘it’s called a poison womb, sweetie ;)’, and the time where a bunch of grown adults threw a public tantrum because they lost a Harry Potter costume contest to a little girl.