replied to your post “It’s really weird when you’re reading ‘reasons this person is shitty’…”

Clearly, they are nowhere near on the same level. But it is another example of his entitled, selfish behavior and how he believes he has the right to change a huge tradition because he feels like it. At least that was how I saw it. Still creepy&gross

It’s not harmful, though, whilst all the other things are. And I think danger lies ahead when people throw in incidents that fall under ‘is annoying to me/other fans of a thing’ in the same breath as incidents that fall under ‘willfully did something cruel to other people’.

It’s like the Steven Moffat list I once saw that mentioned sexism and homophobia, then took a detour into ‘not enough respect is being paid in-show to my white male faves who long since left the series!’. You end up wondering which level of bad behaviour is being used as window dressing for the other.