Watch: An angry mom dragged her son out of the Baltimore riots 

This Baltimore mother was not pleased to see her son rioting across the city on Monday. And she did not hide her disdain. After recognizing her son on television, this mother reportedly hauled him out and smacked him down. Leading several pundits to applaud her actions on Twitter.

Yeah but you know why she’s upset? Why she’s so aggressive? Her son might end up like all those others she’s seen on TV. Fucking pundits laughing and praising her- she’s terrified her own CHILD might be murdered trying to show awareness. THIS ISNT FUNNY. ITS NOT A JOKE. A MOTHER IS SCARED HER CHILD WILL BE KILLED. All the white people re blogging and going good for her don’t fucking understand why she’s so adamant. Christ.

EDIT: The mother herself has been quoted saying exactly this- she’s terrified her son will become the next Freddie Gray. People saying this mom is ashamed or shit using this as justification against the riots, you’re literally mocking a mother’s fear that her child attempting to make the world a better place for themselves, they cannot without the risk of DEATH. 


Really makes me angry how racist fucking white people are spinning this