Hey Writers/Game Masters!


If you’re ever stuck for a character name for a sci-fi or fantasy setting, I found something to help!

Google Translate + Esperanto! Just type in a two word phrase and you get a character name. It works nearly every time.

For example…


Numeron K’var, that sounds like a mid-level imperial bureaucrat to me. 

But wait, you say, surely that’s just a fluke, I mean…


Ok, so Salato runs the best restaurant on the Urathi peninsula, but what about something harder, something meme-y?


Iri Rapida, the message courier. A little on the nose with the surname, but this is genre fiction. How about a film-editing term?


Hi there, head of the thieves’ guild. What else?



I just use the names of the villages around my hometown. I’ve already got Aspley Guise, Higham Gobion, Marston Moretaine, Husborne Crawley and Moggerhanger (the ideal name for a ship’s cat).