real talk i’m annoyed at the fact that y’all (rightfully) got angry after evans/renner made some anti-feminist jokes, to the point where they had to issue an apology, but yesterday renner & ruffalo adamantly used the g*psy slur after being told it was offensive and i haven’t seen a single post about it

racism is a nonissue apparently

markruffalo lets have a conversation about this

Not to harp on this because the OP already deleted, but the reason this isn’t talked about isn’t because tumblr doesn’t care about anti-ziganism, it’s because there’s very little to engage with due to it happening in a segment of The Graham Norton Show that was never aired. I haven’t found any first hand accounts, so there’s nothing for people to watch or read to verify what happened and in what context.

Damn, some folks use manipulative language.

There’s an account of sorts over here, but yeah, I watched the show the other night and it was definitely cut.