if anyone would like to help me out in this stressful, trying time i could definitely use small donations at my paypal? its  grumpygaminggirl@gmail.com

seriously guys i cant afford my hormones, my mom stole and pawned my laptop (actually she asked but promised she’d get it out and now she wont), we have -no- food and won’t be able to get to the grocery store until the 1st.. i could really use some help. really what i need is to get out of here immediately, but i dont really have anywhere to go so.. help me survive til then?

Please please please give anything that you can. Remember that girl who was building people computers for free if they were PoC/trans/disabled? This is her.

Read that again. She built them computers…on her own…for free. That was some next level Good Samaritan stuff. She took the time and effort to help a lot of people who could really use it. I think we could at least give her enough money to *get by*.