Hi, my friend is dying of AML leukemia and she really needs a marrow transplant and soon. Would you be willing to signal boost so people get tested? They would have to be 18 and a simple cheek swab can determine whether they are a match! Thanks so much.

spread this!!!

Bone marrow donors can come from all over the world. So spread this wherever you live.

2 days ago she wrote on her instagram:

Tuesday I met with my bone marrow transplant doctor and I still do not have a bone marrow match, he told me that the my chances of finding a match is basically 0% because of my little bit of Japanese inheritance… With this said, I do believe in miracles so please still spread the word and get tested!!

 Thank you again to everyone that has been spreading the word because again even if you aren’t a match for me you could be a match for another kid and potentially save their life!!