Space Tolkien!


I mean, I sort of covered this with my scifi Lord of the Rings AU here and here, plus this amazing Akallabeth AU, but let me add on:

  • Arda Galaxy, with the black hole, Mordor, at its center. (On the very edge of the event horizon live the orcs, a race of scavengers and ravagers who have nearly overrun the galaxy and occupied.)
  • The Lonely Planet, and the story of the company of dwarves–mostly mechanics, distant relatives of a legendary king, and one hobbit off-world for the first time–trying to reclaim their ancestral planet.
  • Also, S.M.A.U.G., the automated weapons defense system with a bug in its coding that allowed it to go rogue and essentially shut down the Lonely Planet.
  • (Bard the hottest guy in the IT department, whose father designed the software in the first place.)
  • (Commander Thranduil of the Intergalatic Police, Mirkwood vector, with  Captain Tauriel, who is intrigued by the alien pirate with his crooked smile and the holograph reminder from his mother to come home safe.)
  • The One Ring is some sort of high-tech thermoelectric generator, which–if it falls into Mordor’s hands–will be used to power a barrage of weapons that will nearly guarantee the destruction of the free peoples.
  • Rivendell is an enormous spaceport at the crossroads between the most populous arms of the galaxy–called the last homely house because beyond it is nothing but fields of ice and rock.
  • The planet Shire is considered one of the most beautiful and peaceful in the galaxy, and would absolutely be a tourist destination if anyone knew about it. However, hobbits only recently developed space travel and haven’t found a culture for it yet.
  • Sam is Frodo’s mechanic, and very devoted to their fat little junker of a spaceship, affectionately named “Bill”
  • They’re pretty sure that Gollum is somehow related to their species, maybe through a distant genetic ancestor, but neither Sam nor Frodo is sure.
  • The Horn of Gondor is an encrypted signal that can only be received by Gondor’s allies.
  • The Battle of Pelennor Meteor Fields.
  • Once Aragorn takes the throne, part of his platform before the Senate of Gondor is to reforge the Reunited Galaxy, which lapsed with the rise of the ruling Stewards.
  • Lots of long asides about how magnificent the stars look, and the different constellations and nebulae and what battles took place among them two hundred years ago and STARS