Doctor Who is my favourite show, so yeah, I do take offense when people criticise it to that extent that it ruins my experience here on tumblr, but honestly, I’ve got so many more issues with that part of the fandom, beyond “you’re talking really bad stuff about my favourite thing!!111!!”

  • It bugs me when “fans” will literally make up stories and quotes to validate their opinions about Moffat. I hate it when the fans uncritically will reblog those quotes and fact as truth. This goes mostly for that made up quote from Christopher Eccleston about the 50th, and those rumors about Peter Capaldi arguing about scripts with Moffat.I have also seen people do the same to other actors, like Billie Piper, Matt smith, and Paul McGann 
    I’ve seen posts about this with 100k+ notes. It doesn’t matter in what context, putting words into actors mouth is a really shitty thing to do.
  • People were super eager to reblog that ask from Neil Gaiman where he talked about the lack of female writers in the series, which is always an important issue, yes, but no one seemed to care about the post he made afterwards, where he explained that it wasn’t an attack on any of the writers of the show, and that he was aware that Moffat has put a lot of effort into trying to persuade female writers to write for the show. As of series 9, the Moffat era has had the same amount of female writers, and more female directors than the RTD era.  
  • Neil Gaiman also explained a few months ago that he got such a backlash for his opinion about the possibility of female Doctor(as far as I’m concerned, he was open to it) , that he got reluctant to even discuss the show in general. 
  • Neil Gaiman is not the only one who’s gotten bad treatment from the fandom: Amanda Abbington also received death treats on Twitter for being supporting of Moffat.
  • I’ve seen fans undermine almost every female cast member for their positive opinions about Moffat – Louise Brealey, Alex kingston, Karen Gillan etc – I’ve seen fans accuse them of internalised misogyny.
    That of course has never stopped the fandom using Christopher Ecclestons opinion about feminism (which, has never in any way, been related to Moffat) as a point against Moffat.
    The fandom uncritically validates the male actors opinion, if they think that it in some way fit their own views, while underdemining the female actors opinions if it doesn’t. 
  • Remember when someone made a huge study on sexism in Doctor Who, but deliberately altered the data in favour of her own personal opinion, and the fandom reblogged it uncritically, and made it go viral? it was debunked no more than three times by three different people.  

All very good points, and regarding the last one-

– I did my own, extensive, study of sexism (well, the Bechdel Test) in Doctor Who purely because the piss-poor standards of the last one annoyed me so much. Make that one go viral instead!