…You know what.

Let’s see if tumblr can help me out with this.

I’m looking for a “Collectible Animals: Tennessee Walker Mare with Foal” set, manufactured by Ertl in 1996. They look like this:


photos are from here.

As I just explained in this reblog, I’m trying to find the same toy horses my grandfather gave me a little while before he died. If you’ve already read that whole story, remember the horse a middle school bully stole and melted? The foal in this set was that horse. So, little extra significance there.

If anybody out in the tumblrverse knows where I can get ahold of this set, please let me know. I would be eternally grateful. If you don’t know, but think you have followers who might, I’d appreciate a signal boost.

Hey can anybody help my friend out with this?

Also to reblog it so there can be more people who might be able to help. :)