Sansa’s Lemon Cakes
Game of Thrones #catchdrogon twitter promotion

I was commissioned by the official Game of Thrones twitter to create some graphics to help promote the premiere of season 5 tonight. This job was SUPER fun–I had to create a gif based around Sansa Stark’s favorite food, lemon cakes. There’s a particular scene in season 4, with Sansa is still reeling from the news that her mother and brother have been murdered, when she refuses a plate of lemon cakes. Sansa’s lemon cakes are symbolic of the life she dreamed of having–they’re a great luxury, and a symbol of the refined, idyllic life of a court lady. Later they are a comfort to her, a small joy as she becomes more and more isolated. Sansa retreats into her own head, and her lemon cakes–and her hopes–are left behind. 
I had to kind of guess what lemon cakes in King’s Landing looked like–there aren’t really any clear shots of them, but i knew they were unique to the region. I eventually used info from this video and this photo