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I’ve felt the same about various mentally ill characters (and their treatment in adaptations etc), so you’re certainly not alone in this

i’m sick of seeing the pair of them – loras and renly – reduced to gay jokes. even the nickname ‘the knight of the flowers’ has connotations of effeminacy and homophobia (’pansy’ being an outdated insult for a gay man, etc.). seeing all the best and worst parts of them being erased to make them flat and one dimensional. like how, with source material like a song of ice and fire, can you even do that. how.

loras’ mental health and its decline after the death of renly is so, so important to his whole character. so getting rid of such essential moments as ‘when the sun has set, no candle will replace it’ and putting in bullshit like his flirting with oberyn at the wedding/sleeping with olyvar/sleeping with prostitutes/seemingly having completely forgotten about renly is NOT OKAY. there goes pretty much 90% of what we see of loras in later books in one fell swoop, and i am really fucking angry about that.

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Tumblr being tumblr won’t let me submit a reply to this, so reblogging instead – I totally get that. I get so annoyed when characters are twisted in adaptations because chances are that’s the version of the character everyone will remember and it’s THE WRONG VERSION, gah.


I kinda just watch Game of Thrones because it’s so trashy (and aesthetically pleasing) now? It’s definitely not treating its characters well AT ALL. I shudder to think of what (I’ve heard) they’re doing to Sansa.

Harry Osborn… is that Doc Oc (to be)? I recognise the name, and doesn’t Dane Dehaan play him in whichever movie he’s from, but I’m not familiar with who he is, to be honest.

ETA: okay no, just read the link and he’s the Green Goblin. my bad.

I can understand people doing that and I totally don’t judge anyone for watching it just because it’s pretty (and trashy). But honestly I can’t do that. I love the programme because it’s one of my favourite book series, and I love the source material because it’s so complex and the characters are so complex and 3D and shades-of-grey rather than ‘black and white’ if you see what I mean? but the show has destroyed that, in some cases, and I just. it feels completely alien to me now. I don’t know what’s going on, why half of the events in the show are happening, and the characters don’t feel like the characters I know and love any more.

Man, they wasted Dane Dehaan. He could have done actually – psychotic – but – still – kind – and – loving HOW MANY CHARACTERS LIKE THAT ARE EVEN OUT THERE Harry so well. Bah.

I’m kind of glad I didn’t read the ASOIAF books beforehand. I think if I had, I would probably have switched off at the Dany/Drogo rape scene…or the Jamie/Cersei rape scene, or….well, you get the picture