Briony: *is a lonely 13-year-old with a vivid imagination*
Briony: *sees something strange and upsetting*
Briony: *sees something even more upsetting, if not traumatizing*
Briony: *loves Cecilia*
Briony: *wants to protect Cecilia*
Briony: *sincerely believes she is protecting Cecilia*
Briony: *is manipulated by very snobbish parents*
Briony: *makes a mistake*
Briony: *later realizes her mistake, feels horrible, and spends the rest of her life trying to atone for it*
Briony: *in the end is a pretty selfless tortured person who still loves Cecilia and knows her well enough to write a book in which she describes her innermost thoughts and feelings*
Paul Marshall: *rapes Lola*
Paul Marshall: *watches by as an innocent man is imprisoned and his life ruined*
Paul Marshall: *marries Lola*
Paul Marshall: *is a shameless disgusting creepy scumbag*
Fan: OMG I HATE BRIONY. What a fucking bitch. I HATE HER. Let’s torch her. BURN BITCH BURN. Oh and did you see Benedict Cumberbatch in that swimsuit… UNF…

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