the web designers of this site should honest to god be fired.

I’m not sure they know the first thing about web design.

in order to make a website more efficient and fully functional, you reduce the amount of clicks it takes to get where you want to go, you don’t hide main features in an attempt to gain a more “minimalist” layout.  you don’t ignore the complaints of your userbase who are telling you that it is not functional for them and that it’s inaccessible for many.  you don’t ignore the fact that nearly 90% of your userbase uses multiple third-party extensions just to make the website work properly.

you also do things like twitter does:

“we have a new layout, here’s an option to switch and please provide us with feedback to better your experience”


“hey we’re changing shit without mentioning it and you can get over our poor decision making and design oversights”

if you want to have a popular website, making it work is usually your best bet