a 90’s kid? don’t you mean sad adult?

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There is nothing to defend

#i read a post once that described 90s kids as the generation of nostalgia #because so much technological advancement happened in such a rapid timeframe when we were growing up #that we can clearly remember having technologies that are now obsolete #like going from a corded hugeass phone to a small computer in your pocket just within our formative years is a major thing #and it sparks a nostalgia for our seemly ‘simpler’ childhoods #because so much rapid development makes it seem like it was a lot longer ago than it actually was (x)

i love seeing posts that talk about our generation and exposure to technology without it being angry, and nostalgia is such a perfect way to describe it because although the mindset of “technology is evil” is so ridiculous i think we all get kind of sad thinking about all the things we got excited over as kids and how silly those devices seem now. i think it’s kind of magic that i grew up in this amazing frame of time that made me appreciate and fall in love with technology even though i get nostalgic thinking about how mind blowing the pace of advancement was when we were kids to a time now where nothing seems impossible.