Updated donations post

I’m a 20 year old
bedbound woman with a spinal injury, and I’ll be evicted on 22nd April 2015 for being
disabled. If I become homeless, my life will be in
danger due to complete inability to sit/walk. I still need more than
$4000 extra
in donations to live in private rental for 6 months while
waiting for subsidised housing.

The only landlords who did not reject me on the basis of
disability are renting out private apartments at market rent. Over 6 months,
this totals $4940 to $9490, plus I need to pay a carer ~$4550 to maintain the
property. I will need to prove to the landlord
that I have these savings, which exceeds my current bank balance by $4434.29 to

I also need a thorough medical diagnosis by 28th
April 2015, which could cost thousands. Past this due date, I will need to
reapply for the disability pension under much tougher new policy. A diagnosis
is also needed for subsidised housing.

Links: GoFundMe & costs outline
($5 minimum)
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Small amounts will
accumulate and help a lot.