Reasons to Support “Home”





As you should know by now, the lead is an adorable lil 15 year old who goes by Tip and is voiced by Rihanna. Let me tell you more about Tip:

  • She and her mom (voiced by Jennifer Lopez) are both immigrants from Barbados
  • She’s a big nerd and, as she proudly says more than once to Jim Parsons’ alien character Oh, got an A in geometry
  • She was treated different by the other kids and had trouble fitting in
  • OK LOOK AT HER. SUCH a realistic body! Unsexualized, normal clothes, beautiful curls…love her.

Anyway, this movie is about imperialism. It’s not even trying to be subtle, like, first minute, bam, imperialism. So sassy.

Tip’s mom is looking for her, and describes her as: “she’s got big green eyes and beautiful brown skin.” Score.

The crowd shots in this movie are the most diverse I’ve seen; you can tell what an effort they put in to incorporate people of all races and body types. There was even a casual Muslim couple conversing with another pair (don’t remember their races), several dudes and ladies with dreads, just so much diversity I couldn’t even take it all in.

Dreamworks needs your help!!! They’re in a bit of a financial pinch, and this studio is too good to go under. 

This movie rocks so please, please go see it!

I think the best thing about the casting is that in the book Oh is named Jennifer Lopez

this movie was really cute and made me shed a gangster tear

ngl when Tip’s mom described her as having “beautiful brown skin” i legit starting tearing up. like it actually took my breath away that the words “beautiful brown skin” were put in that order, together, in a kid’s movie. i didn’t have that growing up but i’m so glad that kids today have at least one movie that says that.