consider helping us for tdov?


yeah we arent really feeling the selfie thing for trans day of visibility today (tho all the people we’ve seen on our dash are wonderful and we’re happy for you) but we are . in need of financial assistance if you can spare it, we’re a queer/trans, neurodivergent multiple system that suffers from chronic pain and we recently escaped to college in oregon from our abusive #parents in indiana. idk if you’ve heard anything about indiana lately but even without considering our parents it’s absolutely not safe for us to go back there as queer individuals so um basically

we need money to stay here because out of state tuition, housing/food and any care for our disabilities that we might want is EXPENSIVE and even though we are seeking employment and do have some financial aid its not nearly enough to cover what we need, not to mention that we really want to get away from relying on our family for money. so if you can afford to help us…please consider donating, whatever you can chip in would help. 

our paypal is,

you can also commission us for braids (wearable or for decoration) on finchbraids.