Thanks to a generous donation from Google, Knight News Challenge, Open Society Foundations,and Robin Hood Foundations,10,000 New York City families will soon be able to borrow wi-fi hotspots from NYPL, Brooklyn Library, and Queens Library for free Internet access in their homes! Learn more about this groundbreaking initiative.

Sometimes living in the future is truly wonderful

This is honestly one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen. 

I mean, I grew up without internet at home in the dial-up era, and that still had a massive impact on my experiences.  Once a month, I’d go to the local library and spend an hour online, and basically cram as much of fandom as I could fit into one floppy disc.  

Today, access and lack thereof is an even bigger problem — not just for students, but everyone who wants and needs contact with information and their own little subset of the internet.  My mother recently got a smartphone with a tiny data allowance, and she says it’s basically changed her life.  This is so brilliant.