I just had a really good idea if anyone’s interested.

Would anyone like to be part of another Doctor Who anniversary-related article on Newshub, but this one kinda celebrating the fans more? Seeing this made me think about how great it’d be to have a similar thing but with the fans talking, rather than the actors. And now I have a good platform to put things like that on, so…

…would anyone like to join in? Sending me (via tumblr, either replying to this post or messaging me) your favourite characters, episodes, Doctors, companions, writers and why you like them? I can’t pay anyone, (although I really wish I could) because Newshub only pays for really popular articles and even then not much. But I could put a link in to people’s Tumblrs or anything else they wanted, sticking either your Tumblr name or your real name in there.

Like, for example, someone could send me-

“Favourite character: My favourite character is Martha because I was a medical student at the time too. It was great to see her learn and develop as a person and realise she didn’t need the Doctor to be happy with her life” – marthajonesisawesome123 dot tumblr dot com

– and that’d go up on Newshub with all the other contributions. I think it could be a nice idea anyway? Well, reply to this post/message me if you’re interested! Tell me what name/URL you’d want me to use, too.