Friendly reminder that this creepy moment existed. 

#she was laughing at her husband and son#people who she loved dearly enough to give up her life#and snape took that and cut them out of it so he could pretend she was laughing for him#her love in the letter was for sirius who was best man at her wedding and her good friend who fought at her side in the order#and snape took that so he could pretend her love was for him#snape is fucking trash and this is not romantic at all

this this this this this omg this si so disgusting this guy is a creep who feels entitled to Lily’s love even though he’s done nothing to deserve it

  • childhood friend who you love dies 
  • you are barely 21
  • misses her, so you take a picture of her, cutting out the man who sexually assaulted you and bullied you for 7 years
  • spends the rest of adult life protecting son of childhood friend
  • never kills muggles or muggleborns
  • dies protecting son
  • tumblr labels you a creep
  • childhood friend who stopped being your friend because you called her a racial slur while she was defending you against said bullies, is murdered in her own home by the homicidal maniac you pledged your loyalty to, and she was chosen as a target specifically because of information you provided
  • your age is irrelevant unless your own bullies are also excused for their nasty shit given they’re the same age at that point
  • you missing her does not entitle you to mutilate photos of her with her family or letters to her friends so that they better suit your taste, especially since her orphaned son would have wanted that photo and letter whole and undamaged. You could have gotten copies of the relevant page of the letter and relevant half of the photo and left the originals intact, but no, you didn’t want anyone who wasn’t you to have it, now did you?
  • spends adult life resenting the ever living hell out of being expected to protect the son you helped to make a target of aformentioned homicidal maniac in the first place, and takes that resentment out on said son by bullying him and trying to get him expelled (yeah what a protective idea – get the kid’s wand snapped, that’ll help keep him safe!)
  • bullies a muggleborn student for daring to be good at his class and also bullies another child that was left without parents because of other Death Eaters
  • holds onto hatred of child you helped to orphan until your literal last moments on Earth
  • your creator confirmed that if your homicidal maniac boss had chosen a different infant and parents to butcher, you’d still be loyally serving him with no moral qualms whatsoever
  • a disturbingly large portion of the fandom blames everything you’ve ever done wrong on a) the kids who bullied you in high school, b) your boss who kept you out of prison (despite your personal admission to his face that you set a family up to be killed) and gave you a position of mentoring over one quarter of the student body, c) the childhood friend you lost for daring to give up on you at all, d) the kid you orphaned (and his friends) for doing things like reminding you of the parents he never got to know and other clearly unforgivable shit like that, e) your parents (of whom very little is currently known), and f) basically anyone that isn’t you.

Snape wasn’t Voldemort the second, but he sure as hell was no misunderstood martyr.

“the man who sexually assaulted you”? I have not heard this one before. Where in the books is James supposed to have sexually assaulted Snape? What?

The only thing I can think of is the fact that Snape’s undies were (supposedly) exposed in Snape’s Worst Memory which I guess would be considered sexual assault, but um. Yeah that really could have just been “assaulted.”

Geez. I’m gonna go and say that calling that sexual assault is an affront to every victim of actual sexual assault. :p It’s got to be it, though, you have to be right. There’s nothing else that this could be referencing. 

Yeah like. I’m not saying it wasn’t a crappy thing for James to do but on the sex crime continuum, it doesn’t register, given the context (or lack thereof).

Agreed that Severus very much has his issues, but I really hate the fandom mentality of either James is perfect, or Severus is perfect.  They both did some pretty Godawful things. At the end of the day, I respect Lily’s choice of James and rejection of Severus and the path he was taking, though I also respect Severus’ right to refuse to forgive James (even if I don’t agree at all with how he took it out on others).

But they’re potentially on point with the sexual assault comment.  James says, and I quote from ch 28 of OotP, “Who wants to see me take off Snivelly’s pants?”

Forcibly stripping someone you’ve made helpless of any item of clothing with intent to intimidate or humiliate them with the shame of nudity certainly pings on the sexual assault spectrum.  

American vs British English also makes a difference.  Pants to an American would mean taking off Snape’s trousers, jeans, etc. Which is bad enough, but also it’s made clear that Snape is only wearing underwear beneath his robes with “skinny, pallid legs and a pair of graying underpants.” (This being book version, where it seems implied wizarding robes are an all-in-one garment rather than the open version seen in the movies).

And pants, to a Briton and very clearly in this case, is underwear.  James is yelling about publicly and forcibly taking off Severus’ underpants. So if James did indeed do it, I’m gonna agree with the sexual assault comment here.