Dear Big Sister;

A long time ago you asked me to choose between Amy in series 5 and series 7. I had an idea, but never quite got around to doing it, until I thought of re-purposing it for the favourite arc day of Celebrating New Who. Character arc, not plot, because this is Amy’s dramatic shift in opinion with regards lethal violence. (Specifically lethal: she has no problems using stun guns against the dinosaurs.)

The bit in between is series 6, where she escalates from swinging a sword around to smashing through handbots to gunning down silents and murdering the woman who hurt her terribly and was then helpless. Then afterwards reflecting on it, and changing herself.

But my favourite thing about this particular set is that the first two gifs are from episodes by Chris Chibnall, and the second two by Toby Whithouse. Which proves it, really. It’s definitely not an accident, not the product of different writers having different styles and story needs. It’s deliberate; it’s designed; it’s a choice someone other than either writer made, that Amy Pond grow and change in this particular way.

And I do so love this particular arc.

I absolutely love this subplot. Especially when it comes to a head in A Town Called Mercy. “Maybe I’ve changed” indeed.