Please help me save my daughter. In November of 2013 I got very sick. Before this date I was a proud single mother who wasn’t on welfare (not that there is anything wrong with that). Due to my illness and being the sole custodial parent obviously my kids missed some school. It was determined in December 2013 that I had a rare syndrome that can be caused by the flu shot or getting the flu known as an autoimmune syndrome that causes neuropathy and paralysis it is called: Guillian-Barre syndrome. My ex had taken a very not involved, hands off approach in our daughters life and wasn’t even present when she was born at 31 weeks, which is severely premature. Any, because I’m in a wheelchair and my daughter missed school because of my illness a judge called a status conference, not a hearing, and took my daughter from me and my rights to her with no proof of any of my ex’s allegations. I’ve found an attorney who can help me, but she’s expensive to retain. If you’d like a fuller version of the story go to and if you can donate. You can also click the picture and it’ll take you to the gofundme site where my story is. Even if you can’t donate, I thank you for your time and help in advance. Be blessed.