Little Miss Star Wars


I’ve often thought that the story of the making of Star Wars would be perfect for one of those indie comedies about a group of misfits a la Little Miss Sunshine. I mean, picture this: 

Fresh off the critical success of his coming-of a-age drama set in early 1960s California, filmmaker George Lucas begins work on his labour of love: a space opera tribute to classic sci-fi serials featuring laser swords. Despite the naysayers telling him sci-fi is dead, George secures funding and begins filming with a rag-tag group of actors including:

The main character’s portrayer; an ex Navy-brat with only voice acting and bit part credits to his name

A shy pro carpenter with a wife and kids

the teenage daughter of Old Hollywood royalty, with undiagnosed bipolar and a burgeoning substance abuse problem ( which will become funny given time)

A 7 foot 3 inches guy in a fur suit who communicates through animal growls

Two British guys in metal robot costumes, one of them a little person, who play best friends on film but in reality despise each other

and the veteran knighted Shakesperean observing every minute with utter contempt (but who still negotiates for 2% of the royalties)

George and the gang, however, are thrown for a loop when the film turns out to be a smash hit; in fact , the highest grossing film of all time! Wacky shenanigans quickly ensue, but one thing’s for sure: Hollywood will never be the same again.