So I saw that Confessions post going round again, the one that claims that Amy has no character traits that don’t involve her job and her relationship to the three major people in her life (the Doctor, Rory, and River).  And it occurred to me, somewhat belatedly—that argument is actually pretty ablist.

I think it’s fairly clear that Amy is not what you’d call neurotypical.  Not only does she have multiple sets of memories, but she was essentially orphaned in two timelines, which probably left her with some sort of attachment disorder.  (She certainly has a few of the symptoms, such as trouble processing her own emotions.)  And on top of <i>that,</i> she was misdiagnosed throughout much of her childhood—possibly even with schizophrenia, although it’s never made clear.  Amy’s ability to form connections has been impaired by her uniqueness, by her trauma, by the stigma of mental illness, and by the fact that virtually everyone around her misinterprets what’s going on.

Claiming that she is fake and one-dimensional because she is isolated, because she has failed to form “normal” connections—that’s not okay.  Because there are people reading these comments who have had trouble forming bonds with others, who may worry quite a bit about whether their relationships are “normal” or “count”—and you just effectively told those people not only that their connections don’t count, but that they aren’t even real.  That people who don’t come with a set of childhood friends are fake and unbelievable and should never have been written.

I hope it’s obvious why that message is not cool.