Mother finds mystery heroes she says saved daughter’s life

A Georgia mother is relieved to have found, and been able to thank in person, three teenagers she credits with saving her young daughter’s life.

She said Corey Troupe, 16, of Paulding County, Ga., along with Josey  Green and Niko Kleowdis, sprang into action when her daughter fell into a pond Tuesday, March 10, 2015.

April Gary Hill, of Cartersville, contacted WSB-TV in a desperate search for the mystery heroes she said rescued her daughter in an emergency, and then asked for nothing in return.

The kids were feeding bread to the ducks and fish, as they often do at the park, she said.

Daniah Hill, 3, went to throw the last piece of bread into the pond, when her mother says she went through the rails and into the water.

“A body should not be able to go through the railing into the pond,” Hill said.
Hill said she was panicking, and started to scream for help. She said her daughter was flopping and she was above the water.

“Out of nowhere, these three boys came up running,” she said. “One actually got in and got her.” She said one of the boys jumped over the bridge and got her out. The two others were helping him, making something like a human chain over the railing to pull them both to safety.