Amy Pond + Depression and Abandonment Issues (x) (x)

I wish Amy’s problems had become a bigger focus.  I felt like the Doctor’s fun was always seen as more important than Amy’s struggles.

Agreed. I think in Amy Pond we had a great opportunity to explore mental health issues in a sensitive way that could educate audiences and also help viewers feel more compassion and empathy for the many people out there that suffer a mental illness of some sort.

It really disappointed me that the Doctor became the central focus of Eleven’s later run, because we were robbed of the rarely portrayed point of view of a young woman with mental health difficulties that didn’t define her. And that could have helped a lot of people. 

I was going to wait until the  morning to see if I still wanted to respond to this but I’ve decided I want to do it now.  I recognize everyone’s right to write commentary on my gifsets but this has started a rather large reblog chain and I feel the need to respond.

This was a pro-Moffat gifset.  This was me celebrating Moffat’s decision to write a character with mental health issues.  As someone who’s seriously struggled with mental health, I found myself in Amy Pond.  I found a home in Amy Pond.  It’s not that it “could’ve helped a lot of people,” it did help a lot of people, such as myself and some of my followers.  I’ve received frequent messages from people thanking me for this gifset and sharing their stories of how Amy helped them through recovery.

Please do not dismiss our experiences.  Please do not view Amy Pond as something that “could’ve been but Moffat ruined it.”  That’s very insulting to people like me who Amy Pond helped so much in the way she was already written.  I like her subtle arc.  I like that her mental health issues aren’t the forefront of her character.  I like that she was explored as a character in tangent with the Doctor, and I disagree that she was pushed to the wayside for the Doctor’s arc.  I would argue that Series 7A was much more about Amy than it was about the Doctor.

Amy Pond already built that empathy for a lot of people.  Amy Pond already helped a lot of people.  The links provided show mountains of evidence in addition to this gifset showing this to be true.  We were not robbed of anything.  We still have our glorious Pond.