“So I keep seeing this whole “you’re free, genie” thing. Okay, speaking as a person who is incredibly glad that my own suicide attempt failed, I have something to say. I understand that a lot of people like to think “well, he’s in a better place now” and “at least he’s no longer in pain” in order to comfort themselves. Fine. If that makes you feel better, fine. But for the sake of the countless suicidal people out there who are struggling to believe that they are, despite their feelings, actually better off alive than dead, please for the love of everything good in the world, stop saying that in public. Robin Williams is not better off dead than he was alive. If he was, it wouldn’t be such a tragedy. And to suggest otherwise devalues not only his life, but the lives of every person struggling with suicidal ideation. Suicide is a completely, irredeemably awful thing. The fact that someone suffers from a mental illness and suffers deeply doesn’t mean that they are beyond help and that they can’t get to a relatively healthy place and live a decent, happy life. Robin Williams wasn’t beyond help until he committed suicide. That is the tragedy.

And hey, suicidal person who is reading this (statistically speaking, there should be at least a couple of you): your life matters. Your life is worth fighting for. All the pain that is constantly eating away at you does not lessen your value, it does not lessen what you can contribute, and who you can become, and the happiness that you may yet experience in your life if you only hang on. You know that voice inside your head that is telling you that the pain isn’t worth it, that the peace of letting go is the better option? It’s lying. Robin Williams lost his fight, and that is a terrible tragedy. But you don’t have to lose yours. And if anyone says anything that even slightly implies otherwise, they don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.”

One of my best friends on Facebook posted this, and I thought it was very important to share here on tumblr, with her permission of course.

This puts into words what’s been bugging me about that quote, as kind as the sentiment is.