I'm trying to teach myself Art. I've always wanted to be able to do Art. Then, to my utter shock, I managed some Art:


(It's modern-day Enjolras, from this!)

BUT! It isn't traditional art. I dunno what I'd count it as. Basically…I manipped some images together, and ran it through some filters, and then spent a lot of time going over it with the smudge tool, sort of blending the colours and stuff. And I really don't want people to think I did it from scratch because I totally didn't! So here's what happened.

(Ooh, and here's my very first attempt at what I'm now calling 'manipusmudging'. It's all screencaps, that one, just plain cutting and pasting and arranging, and then doing this.)

I don't know if you can tell, but modern-day Enjolras is in fact Ukweli Roach:

(That guy on the right.)

So I cropped him out and made the picture really big. (It lost a load of quality, but that wasn't important.) Then I gave him The Hair Of Viserys Targaryen (seemingly the best blond hair in the business.)


And got this! (With a hastily added background, which was softened and blurred a few times.)


Which obviously looks pretty crappy. So then I ran it through a cutout filter, which defined the different areas of colour…


And then the Dry Brush filter:


And then I started smudging!


And smudging some more! (On the background, too.)


And then I added a dodge layer!


And played with the colours so it was a bit more red


And then I did a motion blur on the background, and that resulted in the image you see at the top!

Proper artists, you gotta help me! What's this called? Digital tracing? (Not a popular practice from what I can see…) Or something else?