because apparently a 20 year old indian woman in london cannot ask for help during a tough time for everyone in her bracket without people hating her


okay so, this is basically a rehashing of this post

you may have seen it around, and i’m exceptionally grateful to everyone who reblogged and donated (and i know for a fact so is my mother and my cat.

however nothing has changed in our situation (except we got internet back)

in this kind of time, i would prefer to, you know, keep that page up! it’s well organised and looks nice, and has an easy payment method!

unfortunately, the people who regularly sent me hate mail on anonymous until i finally gave up and switched anon off have resorted to the dirty, underhand, and frankly hurtful tactic of reporting me for being a fake/scam/not actually real

(i’m fairly certain i’m real)

(let’s not get into existentialism here)

so yes

this is still that post

just with a different payment method, so in the event these pricks ‘win’, i can still

ask for help

which is all i’ve ever been doing

is asking for help

not forcing anyone to do anything


asking for help

we still can’t move due to the places in our price bracket being ‘No DDR’

we still have cut back on everything from food intake to water

i still am looking for work, and in the event i still cannot find any, i still am going to apply to another terrible course i hate just so we can get benefits enough to cover our cut-back food bills

if you can donate, my paypal is’t judge me i was young)

if you can’t, or don’t want to, please reblog thisor tweet it or share it on facebook i don’t mind or care

all the information can be found in the post i linked at the top of this one