while we’re on the topic of wendy davis

can we also talk about representatives gonzalez, allen, thompson, wu, and all the other amazing folks who tried their hardest in the house earlier this week

they didn’t have the chance to filibuster, but instead introduced amendment after amendment and started so many discussion on the house floor encouraging education for teens and adults, better safety for clinics while not shutting them down, and just all around trying to stall for as long as possible so that sen. davis didn’t have to filibuster for as long. they were continually shut down by the republicans who were pretty much all fucking around on their phones at this point and just not paying attention, and routinely ignored by the author of the bill who refused to answer any questions
so major fucking kudos to rep. mary gonzalez, rep. alma allen, rep. senfronia thompson (who hung a wire hanger on the podium while she spoke), and all the other house members who fought this shit as best as they could