Once upon a time everyone in the world had a pet as big as their dreams. Usually these pets would get smaller and smaller as time goes on.

Take Grantaire, for example. At the moment, his pet is a caterpillar.

And then there’s Enjolras.

Enjolras has a Libertysaurus.

Libertysaurus is an expensive pet to have, to be sure. Which just goes to show how cruel and oppressive the monarchy is, if a guy can’t even feed his Libertysaurus forty cows without going bankrupt. Not that Enjolras goes bankrupt, what with being filthy rich, but THAT’S NOT THE POINT. The point is that the monarchy is bad and Libertysaurus will feast on the flesh of the nobility and stomp on the heads of the bourgeoisie while leading the poor and their sad tiny dream animals to VICTORY!!! and GROWTH!!! and hopefully Libertysaurus will stop squishing everything, that is pretty much all Libertysaurus does, it’s very sad and nobody can bring themselves to complain about it because Libertysaurus is the sweetest dinosaur you ever met. Libertysaurus tries to hold doors open for people but he has tiny tiny arms and a biiiiig head so it doesn’t work out so good.

Also, Libertysaurus might be able to breathe fire.

The end.

This is the most adorable saddest thing and I totally want to cuddle the Libertysaurus now.

…although the actual saddest thing may be that Grantaire has a caterpillar, which will presumably after a serious nap wake up as a butterfly, and then DIE THE SAME DAY. Although I suppose the firebreathing Libertysaurus might change everything!