Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse. 


is this a joke because i’m not laughing at all

I thought to myself when I saw this, “no. This has to be some one being silly. This has to be something some one fabricated to make microsoft look worse and people just aren’t checking the source.”




remember when the basic fucking concept of a commodity was that buying something meant it was yours 

I want everyone to think long and hard on this information.

This means that you are not buying your games.  You are paying 60+ dollars to rent the games from Microsoft, and they can take their game back whenever they feel like it.

You will not own your game.  You will not own your console.  Essentially, Microsoft is saying “We can disable your games and cut you off from accessing your console whenever we choose to.”  Because a ban that locks your XBox Live account means that you will be locked out from all non-game functionality of the system, and by revoking your ‘licenses’ on all your games associated with your account, they can then disable each and every game you own for the system.  Leaving you with a five hundred dollar cable receiver.  Or, in the case of most users of the console, a five hundred dollar paperweight.

All because you accidentally walked into some online glitch and the rest of the players rage-report you for cheating.

This is unacceptable.  Buy any console but an XBox One.  Do not support Microsoft’s sudden belief that they own everything despite our purchase of it, and we have to prove we’re worthy of being shared with by paying exorbitant fees and jumping through constant hoops and hoping someone doesn’t report us for cheating because we made them mad in an online game.

Tell Microsoft ‘No,’ and do not give them your hard-earned money for what amounts to a video game subscription service with a $500 starting fee and $60+ dollar purchases.

There are way too many people that get banned unfairly. This is bullshit. I let my nephew play on my live account once when he was little, and I got a lot of people reporting me just because he was playing like a five year old. So. Cool.