skalja said: What. Whaaaaat. :|

[TW: Discussion of rape, lack of consent, etc. for a comic book plot]

(Here’s the context for anyone reading this long after that post went up.)

Yeeeah, the current CBR poll is ‘How do you feel about a possible romantic relationship between Mary Jane Watson and the Superior Spider-Man?’, and the options are as follows —

  • I like the idea!
  • If Peter’s fine with it, so am I.
  • No way – it’s just plain wrong.

The last option has the vast majority of the vote so far, but ugh. Now, I don’t think Mary Jane would EVER consent to have a relationship with Doc Ock, no matter whose body he’s in, but if they had to have a gross poll like this (which they didn’t), they couldn’t at least have a middle option where HER agency is actually acknowledged?

Also, if anyone actually thinks Peter would be ‘fine’ with Doc Ock raping Mary Jane using his body, I can’t think of anything to say to that person other than that they should get the fuck out and take a warhammer to the balls while they’re at it.