TRIGGER WARNING – transphobic, transmisogynistic hate speech and threats in the linked article

I am disgusted that a newspaper I usually respect has publish such an inexcusable and vile article. This is nothing but out and out brazen hate speech against trans women, the writer Julie Burchill even acknowledges this within the article herself.

It’s no fucking wonder trans women refer to us as cis scum and refuse to trust us when this is the sort of ‘feminist’ writing we publish. I can’t even at how hateful this is.

It’s also interesting that the ‘defence’ of all this hate seems to be educational privilege on the part of those calling out Moore in the first place, and working class oppression of those being called out for their transphobia and transmisogyny. I note this because it was precisely the same ‘defence’ that was trotted out when Caitlin Moran made her “couldn’t give a shit” comment about the lack of representation for women of colour in Girls, and everyone called her out for it. Apparently intersectionality is a privilege and women of colour and trans women are oppressing white cis feminist women by demanding they be acknowledged.

This is the most disgusting article I have read in a long while and I’m fucking incredulous at the fact the guardian chose to publish such blatant hate speech. Fuck you Julie Birchell so very much, there is NO excuse for trans hate.

There’s a petition here asking for an apology. (In case you’re wondering ‘is it really that bad?’…it really is that bad.)