Spider-Man 2.1 – MJ and Louise shoe shopping deleted scene

Here we learn how really emotionally abusive MJ’s home life was, and her motivations for marrying John. It’s a quiet little scene, so I can see why they cut it, but oh, poor MJ.

I don’t have this edition of the DVD, so I’d never seen this before — thanks for sharing it!

Yeah, as a whole, the scene doesn’t tell us anything we’re not already shown in other parts of the movie, so the decision not to include it was probably a good one. On the other hand, it would’ve been nice to see more of MJ’s social life, and it would have been really, really nice if only Raimi could’ve kept this exchange:

LOUISE: What about that perfect kiss you said you had once, that guy you believed in?
MARY JANE: That was a fantasy. That’s all he is.

which makes it explicit that MJ knows her crush on Spider-Man was just that, a crush, and she’s moved on. Though she’s speaking from disillusionment, she’s not wrong, either: the Spider-Man she knows at this point is just a fantasy, and so for that matter is Peter, her endlessly flaky BFF. It’s a self-aware reflection of what’s going on at Peter’s end, too. Though he clearly cares about MJ as a person — that’s why they’re close friends in the first place — he persists in keeping her on a pedestal and at emotional arms’ length. They can’t work as a couple until he lets her see who he really is and make her own decision.

Now that I’ve put that down in words I’ve just realized Peter and MJ’s split in Spider-Man 3 makes a lot more sense than I’ve thought in the past, as it comes down to Peter having problems letting MJ off her pedestal and MJ having problems figuring out where the fantastic elements of Peter’s life fits into her reality. (There’s still waaaay too much plot-mandated lack of common sense going on in that movie, though.)

I feel sort of bad for continually reblogging people’s MJ posts with this much tl;dr lately…

Oh god, don’t feel bad, this is brilliant!